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    31 July 2017
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    Thesis: Citing your Sources


    In advanced education, and your thesis particularly, at some point you will incorporate a piece of information or data in a thesis, paper or article. You should likewise incorporate where and how you found that piece of data. Regardless of the possibility that you may have already known the data you used. This data has to have originated from somewhere. This process has to do with the fact that in advanced education you are not being assessed only on what you already know. You are also assessed on your ability to find information, understand it and use it appropriately in your thesis.


    The information of where you found the data you used to compose your thesis are listed in a chapter. This chapter is usually called references. The references chapter is the place you list the direct quotes or paraphrased text of another creator. It is also the place where you list sources that helped you write your thesis, but did not incorporate into your work. You also have to acknowledge the creator and publication year, inside brackets, all throughout your thesis, every time you made a reference.

    Thesis -

    Citation Styles


    Reference styles vary generally in the location, order, and syntax of data about references. The number and assorted variety of reference styles reflect distinctive needs. This needs regard to concision, clarity, dates, creators, publications, and, obviously, style.


    Of course, you aim the references chapter to be even, consistent and reliable across all thesis. There are a few specific styles that we follow when listing references. Those styles provide clear guidance as to which information we should list and the order in which we should list that information. Different subjects use different referencing styles. The most widely used are:


    • APA is based on authors and dates. This means that the author and the date of a work are the focus of the list of information, which is exclusive to this work.
    • MLA is most often applied in the fields of arts and humanities. It is used particularly in the US. It’s definitely one of the most used referencing styles.
    • Harvard is identical to APA. APA is mainly used in the US, while Harvard is mostly used in the UK and Australia, and is also very widespread in the field of humanities.

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